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The Coven Membership

Gathering of  Sovereign Witches!


Inside The Coven, we talk about spirituality, sexuality, and finding healing in this crazy world with tools and resources to help you step into the next bold feminine chapters of your life. 


This membership started as The Sanctuary, a safe and healing space to explore self-discovery during a spiritual awakening. Over time the name has changed, still holding the integrity of a safe space to explore healing while also learning how to expand into tapping into our divine feminine energetics. 


Taking on a Somatic Based approach ( Soma -in psychology is a greek term for the body) inside of The Coven, we teach you how to connect to your mind-body and understand what your body is trying to tell you. We talk about Body trauma, Sexual Shame, and how it shows up in our body as Genital Armoring, prohibiting us from thoroughly enjoying sexual pleasure. 


We talk about sex & masturbation, the language used in our childhood how that also stores sexual shame in the body. 


Inside The Coven, we also have programs to help you get started or continue your spiritual practice as a witch. Before you clutch your pearls, our practice is about reconnecting to yourself and your community and re-rooting into the earth again. 


I don't know about you, but I have grown tired of the widespread misinformation about The Craft. 


As a Solitary practitioner with over 25 years of experience, I desire to activate women so they may step into their full power as Sovereign Witches. Who can hold the energy and Maintain total control of themselves.


If this sounds like you, here are the details:

The Coven has two payment options: a recurring $222/Monthly or $2,222/Yearly.

You will access my entire library of programs, from energy cords, guided meditations, and activation rituals to more extended programs like The Descending into Shadow Work.


Each month, I will upload two new masterclasses, one based on Sexual Health, Relationships, Sexual Healing & Empowerment. The Second masterclass will be based on learning about witchcraft, divine feminine energetics, and ritual work for the moon's phases. 


Spirituality Meets Sexuality 


You will also have access to an exclusive group on the Wix app (and the exclusive Facebook Group) to connect with other women in the programs for community and support.


A weekly pre-recorded Tarot Tuesday message to explore what is coming up for you in the coming week. (This will start on your second month of membership, so I have time to add you to the list)


Along with all this, you will have a monthly group coaching call to go over the programs you are currently working on and help guide you along the way. These will be held over zoom with a set meeting time and dedicated zoom link to make things easier.




How long will you have access to the programs?

You will have access to everything included in your membership for the entire duration until you decide to cancel.


What if I cannot continue to make the payment?

Communication is essential, and I understand that life happens. Email me at, and we will work together to figure it out.


Refund Policy?

Due to the nature of my work, I do not offer refunds on any products, services, courses, programs, or any offers my business provides. 


Access to member-led monthly meetup Witches Bonfire & Brews night held on the last Friday of the month. This space is member-led. Feel free to share a presentation on any topic you feel passionate about and enjoy a witches brew with us.