How journaling can help with your mental health

Here are some health benefits to starting a daily journaling habit in 2022.

Photo Credit: Canva

When it comes to improving our mental well-being, there are few things as effective as journaling. Not only does writing help us process our thoughts and feelings, but it can also give us insight into our subconscious mind.

By taking the time to write in a journal each morning, we can start our day with a clearer perspective and an improved outlook.


There is nothing more valuable than time spent in reflection to gain insight into ourselves, which will help us be happy with the person we are becoming throughout life's journey. It may be beneficial to set up a morning routine that supports this process, including time for journaling.


Journaling is one of the most common ways to improve mental health and well-being. Many different types of journaling can help improve our overall well-being, including gratitude journals, where we list out at least five things we're grateful for each day. Morning pages journals where we write for three uninterrupted hours every morning; and free writing wherein we just put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard without stopping to edit anything.

Morning Routine

When it comes time to build a routine around this activity, there's no wrong way! Just ensure you commit when possible, so you don't get off track with your goals. If you find yourself struggling at times when it comes to journaling, consider journaling prompts to help get your thoughts and feelings out.