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Hello My Gorgeous Sovereign Witch!

Welcome to my website, my name is Amanda Hillsdale, and I am a relationship coach known as The Sexual Empowerment Witch.

What does it mean to be a Sexual Empowerment Witch?


I define The Sexual Empowerment Witch as a Wild Woman archetype in the guardian phase of life. The stage of older motherhood and before crone. She is aware of who she is and what her purpose is. We can dive deeper into this topic in the about me section on my website; for now, let's talk about why you are here and the current offers available to help you on your path of empowerment, growth, and healing.


The Women I work with are often survivors of sexual assault and have body trauma that prohibits their ability to enjoy sex, connect in relationships, and feel at home in their bodies. One way this manifests in the body is a form of genital armoring, which can be defined as touch does not feel safe or comfortable.


Many of these women have experienced religious percussion, being taught harmful language about their bodies and overall outlook on sex being a place of a "dutiful wife" rather than a woman exploring her body and orgasm. Many also have spiritual gifts that this same language has suppressed. 


We talk about the Shadow Work around feeling like we are too much or taking up space in a room full of people. 


If you are here, it is because you desire Change, Healing and crave Radical Self-Acceptance. The word "Witch" might scare you, or it might also excite you. 

How differently would your world look if you:

  • Where able to tap into a healthier relationship with yourself and your partner?

  • Were you able to tap into and listen to what your body is trying to tell you?

  • Release the fear, guilt, and shame you have around sex and your spiritual practice.


Book your discovery call today, and let's explore where you are at in your body and energy today and the place you want to grow and heal into.

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